History — Trusted since 1980

SISU has been formulating and distributing quality supplements that you can trust for more than 30 years. Since the company was launched in 1980, the vision has always been to combine the knowledge gained from modern medicine with the wisdom of natural remedies to produce science-based supplements that empower the body’s disease-fighting abilities. Through the realization of this vision and an uncompromised commitment to quality, innovation and education, SISU has helped define Canada’s vitamin and supplement industry, helping active and health-conscious consumers manage their health and wellness needs.

Always a Step Ahead in Canada

SISU was the first to bring Ester-C® - the Better Vitamin C™ - to Canada, and its popularity as the gold standard in vitamin C continues to grow. Ester-C® is available in capsule, tablet and powder form, as well as a daily vitamin drink mix called Ester-C® Energy Boost. Ester-C® is also a feature ingredient in several SISU products including Cold & Flu Rescue, Ester-C® with Beta Glucans, and Supreme Multivitamins.

As an industry leader in the immune health category, SISU was the first company to launch Wellmune WGP® in supplements in Canada. Wellmune is a unique, patented, natural ingredient that prepares the immune system to protect the body from “invaders” such as bacteria, viruses and the common cold. Taking Wellmune WGP® results in fewer colds and flu, reduced down time, and improved overall health and mood. Look for Wellmune WGP® in the following SISU product: Ester-C® with Beta Glucans.