Gluco Balance

Power combination of two primary blood sugar management ingredients, ALA and cinnamon extract

It is never too early to take steps toward a positive change and maintain a daily routine that can help keep blood sugar at healthy levels.
Today, there are 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes and an estimated diabetes prevalence increase of 44% is expected by 2025*, with type 2 being the most common. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin, or the body cannot use it properly. There is also an increasingly common pre-diabetes state in which people’s blood glucose levels are high, but not yet diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is linked to numerous health conditions including blindness, nerve and organ damage, obesity, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and diabetes complications are associated with premature death.
Maintaining a healthy weight, increased daily physical activity, and smart dietary choices can contribute to a better management of diabetes. Specialty supplements such as SISU GlucoBalance deliver key nutrients that play an important role in promoting blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

Product Highlights

  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) helps improve insulin sensitivity and reduces symptoms of diabetic neuropathy
  • The same type of ALA (racemic mixture) used in the human research
  • Cinnamon supports healthy blood glucose metabolism
  • The same species of cinnamon (Cassia cinnamon) as used in the human clinical trials for blood sugar management
  • Can be included in a prevention program by those with metabolic syndrome
  • Can be used as part of weight-management programs