Getting that good gut feeling

Digestion ain’t always pretty. But it’s always pretty important. Our hardworking digestive tracts tirelessly convert everything we ingest into the essential components our bodies require to survive. But we aren’t always ingesting enough of what we need (and sometimes, too much of what we don’t). Here are some signs that trouble is brewing: Acid reflux [...]

Working Out with Bone & Joint Pain

If you suffer from bone and joint pain, you may be tempted to avoid physical activity to spare yourself discomfort. Don’t! When you avoid exercise, you’re not doing your body any favours. Physical fitness plays an important role in gaining and maintaining strength and flexibility. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your pain and [...]

Four Drug-Free Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

It’s April and spring is in the air. Unfortunately, so is pollen. Released into the air by trees, grasses and weeds, this tiny party crasher’s purpose is to fertilize other plants. Which is great for plants, but not so great for allergy sufferers. When pollen is introduced into an allergy-sufferer’s body, their immune system kicks [...]

Five Ways to Get Back to Sleep After the Time Change


Many of us are feeling sleep deprived after the recent daylight savings time change. If you’re more lurching in to spring rather than springing, these five tips may help you adjust to the time change: Have a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual If checking your email and listening to the 11 o’clock news is your idea of [...]

Overtaxed Liver? Herbal Allies to the Rescue


By springtime our livers and digestive systems are as ready for a good cleaning as our curtains and window screens. The big difference? We can live with dusty curtains—not so much with a dilapidated digestive system. The liver is one of the body’s largest organs, second only to the skin. It is a vital organ that [...]

Five Heart-Healthy Recipes for February

Heart-Healthy Strawberry Shortcake | Lifestyle Food Artistry

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. I think we can all agree that Hippocrates knew a thing or two. And I bet if he’d had an online presence, he’d have written a post suggesting you make these simple heart-healthy meals at home. You wouldn’t argue with one of the most outstanding figures [...]

Romancing Magnesium


Nothing says “be mine” like looking out for your Valentine’s heart. And while it may not sound romantic, it’s easy to express your affection with everyone’s favourite element—magnesium! Most of us consume less magnesium than we should. We need more when we’re stressed out or dealing with digestive difficulties—familiar territory for many of us—and consumption [...]

Omega-3 is for Lovers


  February is a time for matters of the heart—both the romantic and the blood-pumping kind. And luckily for us, omega fatty acids benefit both! Essential omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role in overall wellness, including mood and brain function, cardiovascular health, and joint health—important for survival AND a romantic rendezvous! In fact, fish [...]