Colds and flu: facts vs fiction

Cold and flu season

The 2017/18 flu season has been a nasty one in Canada. And while cases can vary in severity from a couple of days on the couch to hospitalization (or worse) for high-risk groups such as young children, seniors, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems, the flu certainly isn’t a good time for anyone. Then [...]

4 Valentine’s Day treats for your heart

Healthy heart tips

  Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air this time of the year…and in the chocolate boxes, bouquets and greeting cards of happy couples.  Whether you’re single or attached though, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to think about hearts. After all, a happy, healthy heart is something everybody can love. This year, why [...]

Resolution reality check: 4 easy goals for 2018

New Year's resolutions

So now that we’ve officially passed the halfway point of January, some of will be passionately charging full speed ahead with our New Year’s resolutions. Some of us will have started to lose interest. Some of us will be saying, “resolutions, what resolutions”? Whether you’re a repeat resolution-maker or not, January can be a good [...]

Ho-Ho-Hold the Stress this Holiday Season

Stressful holidays

  The holidays are a special time. A time for gathering with friends and loved ones, for eating yummy foods, and for being thankful for all of the good things in your life. The holidays can also be a time for juggling multiple social commitments, checking off lengthy and expensive shopping lists, and trying to [...]

Coping with colds during the holidays

Holiday colds

  We all have a lot on our plates this time of year. And we’re not just talking turkey and cranberry sauce. This festive season can be hectic, and it’s all the more challenging when you’re feeling under the weather. So what do you do when you’ve got the sniffles or a headache and crawling [...]

Ward Off Winter Wear on Skin, Hair & Nails

Winter skin, hair and nails

There are lots of great things about winter in Canada—crisp fresh air and gentle falling snow for a start. Unfortunately, the colder weather, dryer air and unforgiving winds can also do a number on your skin, hair and nails. Central heating has a drying effect on your body indoors, and outdoors the cold air and [...]

6 Steps to Prep for Cold & Flu Season

cold and flu season

Now that it’s November, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and our calendars are starting to fill up with holiday plans and parties. It’s also the time of year for our two least favourite visitors to start arriving—no, not Aunt Edna and Uncle Steve—we’re talking about cold and flu. Cold and [...]