Recipe Roundup: Easter treats you can feel good about

Healthier Easter treats

This time of year, chocolate bunnies and glazed hams are everywhere. And don’t get us started on crème-filled candy eggs. Easter treats are a sweet and comforting indulgence that we wouldn’t begrudge anyone, but if your focus is on a healthier balanced diet, it IS possible to have your Easter cake and eat it too. [...]

4 Valentine’s Day treats for your heart

Healthy heart tips

  Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air this time of the year…and in the chocolate boxes, bouquets and greeting cards of happy couples.  Whether you’re single or attached though, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to think about hearts. After all, a happy, healthy heart is something everybody can love. This year, why [...]

7 Apples to try this September

Apple season

Love it or hate it, we’re leaving the summer months behind and heading into autumn. And while the long sunshiny days of July and August will be missed, September has plenty going for it as well. One of our favourite fall perks is the onset of apple season. Not every apple variety is available yet, [...]

Four of our favorite fruit-based recipes this season

Fruit dessert recipes

While we admit to getting tempted by the occasional ice cream this time of year, the bountiful selection of fresh berries, melons, peaches and more make it easy to enjoy a sweet treat and a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Here are four of our favourite fruit-based recipes to satisfy a summer sweet tooth. [...]

Be your most beautiful you, from the inside out

Natural beauty tips from the inside out

A flattering outfit and a talented makeup artist can make anyone look beautiful, but there’s more to real beauty than the right dress or mascara. To truly look and feel like the knockout you are, try promoting healthy beauty from the inside out. Here are some of our favourite ways to support and sustain natural [...]

Nutrition Month 2017

Take the fight out of food

Good food helps make good bodies, and it never hurts to review our eating habits to ensure we’re making healthy choices. What better time to turn our focus to nutrition than in March, which just happens to be Nutrition Month in Canada? This year’s theme, “Take the fight out of food”, deals with everything from [...]

Squash your comfort food cravings

winter squash

The summer growing season gets a lot of attention, what with its fresh watermelons and berries, but there’s something winter has that the fairer season doesn’t: winter squash. Winter squash, which are actually harvested in the fall, are versatile vegetables that are hardy enough to hold up well through the colder winter months. These nutritional [...]

Shake up your protein powder routine with these recipes!

Whey Protein Isolate

Protein. It’s essential to the development and maintenance of every cell in your body, but are you getting enough? Whether you’re an athlete looking for a source of protein that can easily be metabolized into muscle or a senior hoping to limit muscle loss and support bone density, whey protein isolate is an excellent low-fat and low-carbohydrate option. [...]

Guide to Surviving Mealtimes with a Picky Eater

Picky eaters

There’s a whole world of delicious and nutritious meal options to choose from. But try telling that to a picky child. If your kids are insisting on chicken nuggets and cheese pizza seven days a week, you understand the challenges that mealtimes can present. While preparing food for a picky palate can be frustrating, there [...]