Ho-Ho-Hold the Stress this Holiday Season

Stressful holidays

  The holidays are a special time. A time for gathering with friends and loved ones, for eating yummy foods, and for being thankful for all of the good things in your life. The holidays can also be a time for juggling multiple social commitments, checking off lengthy and expensive shopping lists, and trying to [...]

Coping with colds during the holidays

Holiday colds

  We all have a lot on our plates this time of year. And we’re not just talking turkey and cranberry sauce. This festive season can be hectic, and it’s all the more challenging when you’re feeling under the weather. So what do you do when you’ve got the sniffles or a headache and crawling [...]

Ward Off Winter Wear on Skin, Hair & Nails

Winter skin, hair and nails

There are lots of great things about winter in Canada—crisp fresh air and gentle falling snow for a start. Unfortunately, the colder weather, dryer air and unforgiving winds can also do a number on your skin, hair and nails. Central heating has a drying effect on your body indoors, and outdoors the cold air and [...]

6 Steps to Prep for Cold & Flu Season

cold and flu season

Now that it’s November, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and our calendars are starting to fill up with holiday plans and parties. It’s also the time of year for our two least favourite visitors to start arriving—no, not Aunt Edna and Uncle Steve—we’re talking about cold and flu. Cold and [...]

7 Tips to Stay Healthy in Your Workplace

Stay healthy at work

October is Healthy Workplace Month in Canada, which serves as a handy reminder to check in with our own workplace habits. So before you sneeze on that stapler, hunch over your keyboard or double-dip in the office salsa stash, check out these helpful tips: Stay hydrated. More than just an excuse to engage in water-cooler chat, remembering to [...]

Getting that good gut feeling

Dealing with digestive issues

Digestion ain’t always pretty. But it’s always pretty important. Our hardworking digestive tracts tirelessly convert everything we ingest into the essential components our bodies require to survive. But we aren’t always ingesting enough of what we need (and sometimes, too much of what we don’t). Here are some signs that trouble is brewing: Acid reflux [...]

7 Apples to try this September

Apple season

Love it or hate it, we’re leaving the summer months behind and heading into autumn. And while the long sunshiny days of July and August will be missed, September has plenty going for it as well. One of our favourite fall perks is the onset of apple season. Not every apple variety is available yet, [...]

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium so you can maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also keeps your muscles, nerves and immune system functioning properly and may even lower your risk of disease. So how do you know if you’re getting enough? Or too much? Well, according to the [...]