Overtaxed Liver? Herbal Allies to the Rescue

Overtaxed Liver? Herbal Allies to the Rescue

By springtime our livers and digestive systems are as ready for a good cleaning as our curtains and window screens. The big difference? We can live with dusty curtains—not so much with a dilapidated digestive system. The liver is one of the body’s largest organs, second only to the skin. It is a vital organ that [...]

Five Heart-Healthy Recipes for February

Heart-Healthy Strawberry Shortcake | Lifestyle Food Artistry

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. I think we can all agree that Hippocrates knew a thing or two. And I bet if he’d had an online presence, he’d have written a post suggesting you make these simple heart-healthy meals at home. You wouldn’t argue with one of the most outstanding figures [...]

Romancing Magnesium

Romancing Magnesium

Nothing says “be mine” like looking out for your Valentine’s heart. And while it may not sound romantic, it’s easy to express your affection with everyone’s favourite element—magnesium! Most of us consume less magnesium than we should. We need more when we’re stressed out or dealing with digestive difficulties—familiar territory for many of us—and consumption [...]

Omega-3 is for Lovers

Omega-3 is for Lovers

  February is a time for matters of the heart—both the romantic and the blood-pumping kind. And luckily for us, omega fatty acids benefit both! Essential omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role in overall wellness, including mood and brain function, cardiovascular health, and joint health—important for survival AND a romantic rendezvous! In fact, fish [...]

Resolutions to the Red Carpet: Green Coffee Bean Extract


Katy Perry, Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez walk into a bar…and order green bean coffee. Okay, so that’s not exactly a great joke…but it could happen. Word on the red carpet is that these three infamous brunettes (along with many other celebrities) use green caffeine supplements to help control their weight. And since many of [...]

This Whey to Healthy Recipes for 2016


Adding more protein to your diet provides a steady, long-lasting supply of energy that works to suppress appetite and cravings and slow blood sugar highs and lows caused by some carbs—like the extra tasty one we may have over-indulged in over the holidays. It’s also a great energy booster and supports bone density. Not digging [...]

Choose Your SISU Favourites Holiday Contest – CLOSED-

christmas contest_dec 2013

Hey SISU Fans!  We’ve got another great contest for you this December!  Isn’t it nice when you can make your own Christmas list and choose what you’d like to receive? Well, that’s what you get to do! Enter the contest, and if you win, you’ll win 3 SISU products of your choosing!  This prize pack [...]