Ward Off Winter Wear on Skin, Hair & Nails

Winter skin, hair and nails

There are lots of great things about winter in Canada—crisp fresh air and gentle falling snow for a start. Unfortunately, the colder weather, dryer air and unforgiving winds can also do a number on your skin, hair and nails. Central heating has a drying effect on your body indoors, and outdoors the cold air and [...]

Ho-Ho-Hold the Stress this Holiday Season

Stressful holidays

  The holidays are a special time. A time for gathering with friends and loved ones, for eating yummy foods, and for being thankful for all of the good things in your life. The holidays can also be a time for juggling multiple social commitments, checking off lengthy and expensive shopping lists, and trying to [...]

5 Tips for Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD Winter

  As winter approaches and the days become colder and shorter, you may find yourself wistfully longing for the warm and sunny days of summer. You’re not alone. Many Canadians experience some form of winter blues brought on by dark and dreary conditions this time of year. But for some, these winter blues can take [...]

6 Steps to Prep for Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu

Now that it’s November, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder and our calendars are starting to fill up with holiday plans and parties. It’s also the time of year for our two least favourite visitors to start arriving—no, not Aunt Edna and Uncle Steve—we’re talking about cold and flu. Cold and [...]

Natural Health Products Are Not Drugs

Save our Supplements

How do you know your supplements are safe? When you walk into your local health food store, you can find all kinds of safe, effective and high-quality supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products and traditional medicines. All these products make up the category of natural health products (NHPs) that you and 77 per cent of [...]

7 Tips to Stay Healthy in Your Workplace

Office Health

October is Healthy Workplace Month in Canada, which serves as a handy reminder to check in with our own workplace habits. So before you sneeze on that stapler, hunch over your keyboard or double-dip in the office salsa stash, check out these helpful tips: Stay hydrated. More than just an excuse to engage in water-cooler chat, remembering to [...]

Ready for Fall Fitness?

Fall Fitness

Fall has officially arrived. Whether you spent the summer scaling mountains or lounging on the beach, the change of seasons is a good time to change up your fitness routine. Here are some tips to help you get started. Hike it or bike it. Just because there’s a “ber” at the end of the month, [...]

It’s National Arthritis Awareness Month!

Arthritis Awareness Month

September is National Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. If you are dealing with the pain and inflammation of arthritis, here are some natural options you may wish to consider along with your doctor’s prescribed course of treatment. Reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Carrying extra weight can be taxing on your joints, particularly knees, hips and feet. Losing [...]

Recipe Roundup: Back to School Brain Food!

Brain food recipes

After a long summer of hotdogs and s’mores (alongside berries, fish, and fresh garden veggies, of course) it’s time to start thinking about food for fall. From preschoolers to postgraduates, all students can benefit from a “smarter” diet, so try incorporating one or all of these seven brain-food recipes into your lunchboxes and onto your [...]

4 Tips for a healthier school season

Back to school tips

Where does the time go? It seems like we just unpacked the summer hats and flip-flops and now we’re already heading out on back-to-school shopping trips. This fall, send your kids back to the classroom with more than a new cardigan and some number two pencils – and no, we’re not talking about buying them [...]