Love it or hate it, we’re leaving the summer months behind and heading into autumn. And while the long sunshiny days of July and August will be missed, September has plenty going for it as well. One of our favourite fall perks is the onset of apple season.
Apple season
Not every apple variety is available yet, but this month brings some sweet and healthy options packed with antioxidants, dietary fibre, and good ol’ fashioned yumminess.
Here are 7 strains of apples to look for in Canada this time of year:

  1. Lobo – This sweet and juicy number is a pollinated seedling of the popular McIntosh variety. Its flavour resembles that of strawberries and it is a good choice for cooking, eating fresh, or using in desserts.
  2. Shamrock – Go for green with the aptly named Shamrock apple. While similar in appearance, this fruit is a little sweeter and a little less tart than its relative, the Granny Smith. Enjoy it fresh or in desserts.
  3. Vista Bella – Bite into the firm, creamy white flesh of this sweet and aromatic apple to enjoy its raspberry or loganberry-like flavours. Good eaten fresh or used in desserts.
  4.  Yellow Transparent – The juicy white flesh of this tender apple is both tart and sweet. It’s a tasty option for eating fresh, cooking, freezing, processing, drying or saucing.
  5.  Sinta – A medium sized fruit with a deep cream-coloured flesh, this crisp and juicy apple delivers a sweet, honeyed and mildly subacid, flavour that is best enjoyed fresh.
  6. Paula Red – Tart and sprightly, this firm medium-sized apple features white flesh, and a strong strawberry like flavour. It’s a tasty treat for cooking or eating fresh.
  7. Melba – This highly aromatic apple tastes similar to strawberries or wine and its soft and juicy white flesh is best for desserts, cooking, and juicing.

With so many juicy strains that are ripe for the picking (and eating), September is a tasty time to opt for apples. Enjoy!