Take the fight out of food
Good food helps make good bodies, and it never hurts to review our eating habits to ensure we’re making healthy choices.
What better time to turn our focus to nutrition than in March, which just happens to be Nutrition Month in Canada? This year’s theme, “Take the fight out of food”, deals with everything from picky-eaters to struggles with emotional eating to helping people gain a better understanding of potential digestive issues.
You can visit the Nutrition Month 2017 page of the Dietitians of Canada website for full details, but here are some of the tips being highlighted this year:

  • Be weary of fad products with words like “miracle” in the name or that claim to “cure” a long list of ailments
  • Discuss digestive issues with a doctor or dietitian rather than self-diagnosing
  • Model healthy, varied eating habits for picky eaters rather than pressuring or bribing them to eat new foods
  • Instead of turning to fatty or sugary foods in times of stress, choose nutrient-dense options such as fruit, nuts, or yogurt. Or skip the snack and try an enjoyable stress-busting activity instead
  • Everyone is different, so instead of looking for a simple one-diet-fits-all solution, opt for a plan that fits your individual goals and needs

Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet rich in nutrients and full of flavour isn’t limited to Nutrition Month, of course, it’s a gift you can give your body every day of the year. Another tool you may wish to enlist in your support of optimal digestion is our Dophilus Plus probiotic. This natural, high-potency probiotic contributes to healthy gut flora and helps improve absorption of nutrients from your food. After all, you’re making smart choices, so why not maximize their benefit?