You may have noticed our new look on the store shelves recently.

SISU new look

Strength. Vitality. Energy. Everything you crave to live a happy, balanced life is already in you. Diet and exercise have their place. As do meditation and a solid night’s sleep. A good belly laugh with a friend never hurt, either. But, like you, we know we can do more.
SISU has the products you need to release your inner strength. A trusted name in natural health, we’ve been formulating and distributing safe, effective, premium vitamins and supplements since 1980. Our innovative products help improve the wellbeing of Canadians like you every day.
Like many of you, we’ve changed a little over the years. Where you’ve maybe cut your hair and changed postal codes, our classic blue bottles have enjoyed an update as well. But what goes inside those bottles — a commitment to quality, pure raw materials and therapeutic formulas — remains the same. New look, new energy…same trusted brand.