Healthy holiday travel tips

Healthy holiday travel tips

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Unless you have to get there on a delayed, crowded plane that loses your luggage. But despite the hassles of holiday travel, many of us will be heading out to visit family and friends this season. Here are four handy tips to help you stay healthy while you’re on the road (or in the air).

Keep Moving

If you’re spending time in an airport or on a plane this holiday season, look for opportunities to squeeze a little extra activity. Skip the moving walkways in favour of using your own two feet. Stroll around the terminal instead of sitting at your gate when you’re waiting to board. And choose an aisle seat so it’s easier to get up and move around when you’re up in the air.

Pack Your Gym Clothes

Take a vacation from your job or your city, but not from your healthy habits. If you’re staying in a hotel, choose one with a pool or fitness centre to stay active while you’re away. If you’re staying with family or friends, pack activewear so you can comfortably go for a walk or jog together. Or if you prefer to pack lightly, head outside and rent skates, snowshoes, or skis for some wintery fitness fun at your destination.

Come Prepared

If you’d rather not get bogged down by heavy holiday treats, plan how to handle the buffet or open bar in advance. Bring a healthy food or drink option that you can enjoy. Or whip one up on site to share. Don’t beat yourself up for giving in to a little festive indulgence, but set yourself up for success with fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. You can also bring along convenient single-servings of Ester C® Energy Boost to support your health on the go.

Chill Out

Travel can be stressful any time of the year. But the holidays bring a special brand of festive frenetic energy to the mix. There may be a million places to go and a million people to see, but you may not get to them all. If traffic and bad weather interfere with your travel plans, try rolling with it rather than getting stressed out. Remember to build some quiet time into your travel schedule so you aren’t run ragged while you’re away. And above all, have a great trip and a happy holiday!