The New Year is upon us, and with it comes a time of reflection and re-evaluation of the habits which make up our day-to-day lives. The New Year is a perfect time to create the change you’ve been putting off until the next week, month, or season.

But did you know that nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the second week of February?1 The intention for positive change is there, but knowing how to turn New Year’s resolutions into habits is the hard part.

We’ll go over why people give up on their resolutions so quickly, how to create change that sticks, and five healthy habits you can bring with you into the New Year.


Why your New Year’s resolutions don’t stick

1. Your goals weren’t clear

Uncertainty about your goals creates room for indifference and confusion between you and your goals. Knowing why these goals are important to you and how they would impact your life if you achieved them is essential for motivating you to achieve these goals.

For example, a resolution to “exercise more” is vague – consider why you want to exercise and how your life might change if you exercise more.


2. You feel overwhelmed

Sometimes, the idea of change is inspiring, but the actual process you may have to go through is daunting. You may look at your final, desired goal, and be overwhelmed by how far it is from where you are now. Creating a specific plan with clear, measurable steps can help prevent these feelings. Try not to look at everything you need to do, but just the first steps in front of you.


3. You’re relying on motivation and willpower alone

Motivation and willpower may carry you through the first week or even month of your resolutions, but at some point, they will fail you. Instead, construct your physical environment and an accountability system to support your goals. If your goal is to exercise more, have an exercise partner who holds you accountable. Or, if you want to eat healthier, plan healthy meals or try a healthy meal prep kit!


Healthy habits for the New Year

1. Support your immune system

Being your healthiest-self means supporting your immune system so that it can continue protecting you. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep can help your immune system to continue functioning optimally.

One of the easiest ways to support your immune system is by taking immune-supporting supplements, such as vitamin C and D.

Sisu Ester-C® is a gentle, less-acidic form of vitamin C that stays in the body for up to 24-hours. Sisu Vitamin D is also a great immune system supporter, especially during those cold winter months.


Tip for sticking to your immune-support goals: Place your Sisu Ester-C® and Sisu Vitamin D somewhere you will see them each morning – like next to your coffee or toothbrush!


2. Support your digestive health

Poor digestive health can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish – especially after eating a big meal. You can support good digestive health by eating high fiber foods, such as beans, avocado, or whole grains. Taking a probiotic, such as Sisu Integris 20, helps to temporarily modify gut flora and support gastrointestinal health.

Practicing mindful eating is another great way to support digestive health. Mindful eating means slowing down the process, chewing your food thoroughly, and paying attention to how much you eat so that your body can successfully break down and process your food.


Tip for sticking to your digestive health goals: Create a meal plan for the week that intentionally includes healthy foods that are high in fiber. Also, add a reminder to your phone to take your Sisu Integris Probiotics!


3. Get better sleep

When life gets busy, your sleep is often the first thing to suffer. And whether your lack of sleep is intentional or unintentional, not getting adequate sleep can throw off many aspects of your overall health—alternatively, good sleep hygiene benefits all aspects of health – from immune health to muscle recovery.

Creating a peaceful bedtime routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, or taking a sleep supplement are helpful ways to make sure you’re catching those z’s.

Sisu Magnesium Relaxation Blend features GABA and L-theanine and helps to temporarily promote relaxation. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps to reduce nervous system excitement, and L-theanine is a relaxing amino acid. This easy-to-mix powder is available in raspberry-lemonade, tart cherry, or honey grapefruit flavours.

Get additional tips on improving your sleep here.


Tips for sticking to your sleep goals: Where possible, adjust your schedule so that your evenings are as peaceful as possible and your bedtime is consistent. Black-out curtains and soothing essential oils can also contribute to a peaceful sleep environment.


4. Exercise regularly

Like sleep, exercise benefits all aspects of your health – both physical and mental. Thankfully, exercise does not have to be overly intense to show results. Even moderate exercise a few times a week can benefit your health, and the endorphins your brain releases during a workout can significantly improve your mood.

Try different exercises – such as running, swimming, or yoga – to find what suits your lifestyle and interests the best. Don’t forget to support your joints, bones, and muscles while you work out as well, by stretching before and after your workout, eating anti-inflammatory foods, or taking a joint-supporting supplement such as Sisu No.7.


Tip for sticking to your exercise goals: Find a friend or family member with similar goals and create a schedule that you will both stick to. Routinely check-in with them to make sure you’re staying on track.


5. Eat the rainbow

Especially in the winter months, eating enough fruits and vegetables can be difficult. However, fruits and vegetables contain many of the essential vitamins and nutrients you need.

Essential nutrients refer to those that your body cannot produce on its own and therefore must get from the foods you eat or your supplements. Some essential vitamins and minerals are vitamin C, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

If you feel like your diet may have some nutritional gaps, a multivitamin may be the perfect fix. Sisu Supreme Multivitamin offers a full complex of B-vitamins, Ester-C®, vitamin K, zinc, and more.


Tips for sticking to your healthy eating goals: Choose a new fruit or vegetable every time you go grocery shopping to keep things exciting! Or, explore new ways to prepare your fruits and vegetables, such as by making tasty smoothies or air-fried vegetables.

New year, new healthy habits

Remember, no matter your goals, you will probably have days where you fall off track or don’t stick to them. The important thing is not how hard you fall off but how quickly you get back on track. Forgive yourself, be proud of even the smallest accomplishments, and you’ll be amazed at the changes you can make.

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