Don't Go it Alone! Why A Support System Is Essential for Healthy Weight-Loss

For most of us, losing weight is incredibly challenging. But as someone somewhere once pointed out “nothing worth having comes easy.” And with the exception of laugh lines, they were probably right. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. A good support system is as essential as drinking enough water or wearing the right runners when working toward new fitness goals.

Friends & Family
Your loved ones can play a huge role in your support system. Ideally, you want this to be a positive role. This means letting your friends and family in on your weight loss goals. Ask your Aunt Cheryl to bring you her famous cinnamon buns every other Sunday. Invite those friends you owe an email or a phone call out for a brisk walk to catch up. Set up clear boundaries, share your enthusiasm for changing your body and ask them for their support.

There’s a lot of information about weight-loss out there. Books are great, but with as many weight-loss bibles as there are opinions, it can get pretty overwhelming.  A nutritionist or dietitian can help you sort out the right approach that works with your personality, fitness level and goals.
Workout Buddy
Whether it’s your partner, a co-worker or your kids—a work-out buddy can make reaching your goals a whole lot easier. Having someone to give you a friendly push when you’re tempted to choose reality TV over a post-dinner walk or to witness your first headstand at yoga class makes the journey more enjoyable and successful.
Diet Plan: Whole Foods & Supplements
A healthy eating plan that focuses on good nutrition will give you the energy to succeed and stay on track. Eat more greens, whole grains and lean meats. Cut back or eliminate refined or processed “foods” and make sugar a very special treat. Taking the right supplements can also make a big difference. Adding a CLA supplement (a fatty acid to support fat loss and lean muscle gain) to your regime and protein powder to your breakfast and lunch can really kick things up a notch.
Never Ending “Do-overs”
Don’t forget to gift yourself with endless do-overs! So, you slept in today and ate a donut? It’s not the end of the world. Simply help yourself to a do-over. Forgive yourself. Congratulate yourself for having the good sense to reach for a do-over. Mind you, if you find yourself starting over every hour, it may be time to call in that work-out buddy!