While we admit to getting tempted by the occasional ice cream this time of year, the bountiful selection of fresh berries, melons, peaches and more make it easy to enjoy a sweet treat and a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Here are four of our favourite fruit-based recipes to satisfy a summer sweet tooth.

  1.  Blueberry-lavender yogurt pops

    blueberry popsicle recipe
    As pretty as they are refreshing, these tangy creamsicles feature eye-catching swirls of blueberry goodness without being overly sweet. A satisfying way to cool down on a hot day!

  2.  Grilled peaches with maple honey mascarpone cheese

    Peaches and mascarpone
    Fresh-picked peaches are delish on their own…but throw them on the grill then dress them up with maple honey, fluffy mascarpone cheese and almond slivers? Forget about it.

  3.  Vegan gluten-free strawberry shortcake

    Vegan dessert
    Rich, decadent desserts and healthy, vegan options may not sound like the best of friends, but with this recipe you can have your strawberry shortcake and eat it too!

  4. Watermelon punch with fresh lime and crushed mint

    Summer fruit recipes
    Granted, this isn’t technically a dessert, it’s a beverage. But it’s so sweet and tangy and refreshing, we could drink it for dinner and dessert. And maybe breakfast and lunch if you twist our arms.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to whip up something fresh and tasty. What are your go-to fruit-filled summer treat recipes?