Let’s here if for the dads! For all the baseballs they’ve tossed, all of the lectures they’ve lectured and all of the times they’ve taught us to ride a bike or drive a car. Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on how much these guys have meant to us and how much they’ve done for us.  It’s also a good time to return the favour.
They may not need us to teach them to drive, but we can support our dads by encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices. After all, what could be a better Father’s Day gift than helping to make sure your father is here to celebrate more Father’s Days? That, and maybe a tie.
Here are four healthy reminders for dads (and all men) this Father’s Day:

  1. Make Nutritious Food Choices

    It’s pretty simple: put good stuff in to your body and you’ll get good stuff out of it. Some foods that are especially beneficial to men’s health include: oysters, which are packed full of prostate-friendly zinc; antioxidant-rich berries that may help slow the decline of brain function; fatty fish such as salmon for heart-healthy omega-3s; inflammation-calming ginger; and leafy greens like spinach that may help protect against cataracts and macular degeneration.

  2. Be a Fit Father

    While “dad bods” may be a recent trend on the Internet, fitness will always be in fashion. Getting and staying in shape is a great idea for all men, but fathers can especially benefit from the extra energy needed to keep up with their kids. Whether you run marathons or hit the yoga mat, being active isn’t just great for your health it also sets a great example for your children. Involve the whole family with group fitness activities such as hiking, cycling or a spirited game of football, and you can all reap the rewards.

  3. Select Smart Supplements

    Diet and exercise go a long way to keeping you healthy and happy, but there are also some great supplements you can take to support your healthy lifestyle. For prostate health, consider zinc citrate. When it comes to heart health, ubiquinol and Co Q10 are good places to start. And for the stressed-out dads, L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are two calming supplement options.

  4. Get Regular Checkups

    Regular checkups and proactive medical care can make all the difference to a man’s quality (and quantity) of life. Father’s Day is a good time to remind yourself and all the dads, sons, husbands, grandfathers, brothers, nephews and uncles in your life not to skip their annual visit to the doctor. Preventative screening and early diagnosis of heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer and other important men’s health concerns can help to catch problems when they’re at their earliest, most treatable stages.