Summer vacation

Now that we’re officially into summer, it’s time to start enjoying those summer vacations. But when it comes to a much-deserved getaway, the last thing we want messing with our plans is illness or a digestive problem.
So before you start packing the sunblock and flip-flops, check out our four tips on how to avoid getting sick when you travel this season.

Eat up.

Healthy foods are important—not just in the regular sense of eating your veggies, but also in the sense that you want to make sure your meals are being prepared safely and hygienically. When you’re travelling, you don’t want to spend your whole trip in the hotel bathroom, so it’s important to ensure you’re eating fresh, thoroughly cooked foods prepared in clean cooking environments. Taking a high quality probiotic can also help you avoid digestion issues.

Keep up.

Taking a vacation from your home doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation from your healthy habits. Travel presents many opportunities for exercise—think cycling, swimming, golfing or simply strolling around and taking in the sights. Exercise helps improve your overall health and mood while also strengthening your immune system so it can better fight off infection. If you do start to feel cold symptoms coming on, taking our Cold & Flu Rescue with Ester-C® can help stimulate your immune system.

Rest up.

Yes, we know we just finished telling you to keep active, but balance is important. In the days leading up to your trip you may be excited and have a million things on your to-do list that need checking off, but don’t scrimp on the shuteye. When you don’t get enough sleep your immune system weakens, making your body more vulnerable to infections. To help recover from jet lag when you arrive (and return), a melatonin supplement can help restore your circadian rhythm and get your sleep cycles back on track.

Drink up.

Staying hydrated is an important element in warding off germs. Drinking a lot of fluids, water in particular, will help to flush out toxins and prevent dehydration. Mixing Ester-C® Energy Boost with your water is a good way to add flavour as well as immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. To avoid getting sick from unfamiliar bacteria in local tap water, it’s also a good idea to stick to bottled or filtered water when you’re travelling overseas. And while we’re on the subject of water, don’t forget to wash your hands frequently as well!