Spring gardening

Spring gardening

While some provinces are currently “springier” than others, we’ll all get there soon. After all of the wintery weather, we’re excited to welcome the fairer season with these 6 healthy habits for spring:

1. Breathe that fresh spring air. 

If you’re lucky, the cold and blustery winds are far behind you. It’s time to open up the windows and let some air in to get things flowing after months of artificial heat and stuffiness. Or better yet, go outside. Now’s the time to enjoy a long walk, breathing deeply to take advantage of the mild breezes and temperate temperatures. Savour each rejuvenating breath; you’ve earned it!

2. Do some spring cleaning. 

Get inspired by the freshness of spring and tackle some de-cluttering projects at home. Clean out closets while you’re making the switch form turtlenecks to tank tops. Clear off crowded countertops. Give the fridge a good going over. A clean slate is as good for your mind and body as it is for your house.

3. Get your garden on.

Even if you’re not quite ready to plant your outdoor garden, you can still give your green thumb a workout indoors. Plant a windowsill herb garden or bring some new houseplants into your home. Plants help to remove toxins and clean the air in your living space, plus they add a fresh, natural touch that’s a welcome sight after a long cold winter.

4. Don’t scrimp on sleep.

When it comes to healthy habits, sleep is huge. Springing ahead for spring may only short us 60 minutes of shut-eye, but it’s a good reminder of how important sleep is to our bodies. To better catch the express to dreamland, try lowering the thermostat, creating a dark and quiet environment, and avoiding stimulants, alcohol, and screen time before bed. A melatonin supplement can also help to reset your internal clock when its disrupted by jet lag, daylight savings time or shift work.

5. Turn over a new (lettuce) leaf.

As the weather shifts, it’s a good opportunity to transition from winter’s heavier comfort-food options of stews and casseroles into the lighter, produce-based flavours of spring. Think colourful salads, savoury side dishes and refreshing desserts. For inspiration, check out these 10 Superfoods for Spring and don’t forget, a good quality multi-vitamin can help balance out your diet to make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need.

6. Wake up your skin.

 After a winter spent hibernating beneath warm and protective cold-weather wear, your skin will soon be feeling the sun again. Help prepare it with proper exfoliation and gentle moisturizing lotions, and remember to start stocking up on sunscreen. Our Skin, Hair & Nails supplement is another effective tool when it comes to promoting healthier looking and feeling skin from within.